Inspector General

The Military Sealift Command Inspector General works to increase overall effectiveness, efficiency and readiness of MSC through a program of assistance, training, inspections, investigations and other inquiries. The Inspector General's office provides a responsive, readily-available and well-recognized avenue for MSC employees to highlight their concerns regarding potential waste, fraud, abuse, mismanagement or misconduct. The Inspector General's office also provides a command liaison with all external audit groups and coordinates command responses and follow-up on audit reports.

The Information Intake Form is provided for use to ensure the IG receives the appropriate information in order to take action on requests. Please use the form when forwarding requests to the IG. You can also fill out a complaint online, at

You should first attempt to resolve issues using the chain of command and other local resources. If these attempts fail, contact the IG by following the 4-Step Hotline Complaint Procedure outlined in the MSC Tri-Fold.

Phone: 866-836-6919
Fax: 757-443-3581