Freedom of Information & Privacy Act

Identifying Privacy Act (PA) Systems of Records
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The Navy and Marine Corps maintain Privacy Act (PA) systems of records that are listed at Also on that web site are listings of all DoD PA systems of records and Government-wide PA systems of records.

A PA system of records notice is the authority that allows you to collect, maintain, and disseminate information which is retrieved by an individual's name and personal identifier.

Because many activities maintain similar kinds of records, we have written generic or "umbrella" PA systems of records notices to cover those activities having the need to collect those kinds of records.

Here are the steps to follow to identify PA systems of records you may hold:

STEP 1: Review this listing of "umbrella" PA systems of records that you may be using:

N01070-3Navy Military Personnel Records System
NM01500-2Department of the Navy (DON) Education and Training Records
N01543-1Explosives Handling Qualification/Certification Program
NM01650-1Department of the Navy (DON) Military Awards System
NM01700-1DON General Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Records
N01710-1Recreation Association Membership Files
N01740-1Family Dependent Care Program
N01752-1Family Advocacy Program System
N01770-2Casualty Information Support System
NM05000-1General Correspondence Files
NM05000-2Administrative Personnel Management System
NM05000-3Organization Locator and Social Roster
N05041-1Inspector General (IG) Records
N05100-3 Safety Equipment Needs, Issues, Authorizations
NM05100-4WESS Occupational Injuries/Illnesses Log
NM05100-5Enterprise Safety Applications Management System (ESAMS)
NM05211-1Privacy Act Request Files and Tracking System
N05354-1Equal Opportunity Management Information System''
NM05380-1Combined Federal Campaign/Navy Relief Society
N05500-1Security Inspection and Violation System
NM05512-1Vehicle Parking Permit and License Control System
NM05512-2Badge and Access Control System
N05520-5Personnel Security Program Management Records System
NM05720-1FOIA Request and Appeal Files Tracking System
N06320-4Blood Donor Files
NM07320-1Property Accountability Records
N07421-1Time and Attendance Feeder Records
NM08370-1Weapons Registration
NM12610-1Hours of Duty Records
N12630-1Voluntary Leave Transfer Program Records
N12711-1Labor Management Relations Records System
N12771-2Employee Relations Including Discipline, Employee Grievances, Complaints, Etc
N12792-7Drug-Free Workplace Program Records
N12930-1Human Resources Group Personnel Records

These systems can be downloaded from

STEP 2: Some activities have written PA systems of records that are unique to their activity. Accordingly, if you are one of those activities, identify the specific records you hold.

For example, the following activities have systems of records which are specific to the work they do: Board for Correction of Naval Records, Naval Council of Personnel Boards, White House Liaison, Naval Education and Training Command, Chief of Chaplains, Navy Personnel Command, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Strategic Systems Programs, Navy Installations Command, Military Sealift Command, Naval Health Research Center, Naval Sea Systems Command, General Counsel of the Navy, Naval Postgraduate School, US Naval Academy, Navy Exchange Command Service, Naval Safety Center, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Judge Advocate General, Civilian Human Resources, Office of Naval Intelligence, Office of Naval Research, etc.

When looking for systems under your cognizance, focus on systems that carry the Standard Subject Identification Code (SSIC) you use.

These systems can be downloaded from

STEP 3: There are agencies within the U.S. Government that have developed Government-Wide systems of records that agencies may use. For example:

DOL/GOVT-1Office of Worker's Compensation Programs, Federal Employees' Compensation Act File
DOT/ALL-8Employee Transportation Facilitation
EEOC/GOVT-1Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
GSA/GOVT-3Travel Charge Card Program
GSA/GOVT-4Contracted Travel Services Program
GSA/GOVT-5Access Certificates for Electronic Services
MSPB/GOVT-1Appeals and Case Records
OGE/GOVT-1Executive Branch Personnel Public Disclosure Reports and Other Name-Retrieved Ethics Program Records
OGE-GOVT-2Executive Branch Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports
OPM-GOVT-1General Personnel Records
OPM/GOVT-2Employee Performance File System Records
OPM/GOVT-3Records of Adverse Actions, Performance Based Reduction in Grade and Removal Actions, and Termination of Probationers
OPM/GOVT-7Applicant Race, Sex, National Origin and Disability Status Records

These systems can be downloaded from

STEP 4: The DOD also has systems of records that may be used by all or some activities. Review their inventory for records you may be using. For example:

DHA 10DOD Women, Infants and Children Overseas Participant Management System
T7333Travel Payment System
T7334Defense Travel System

These systems can be downloaded from

STEP 5: If you can't identify a system of records notice that covers the records you are maintaining that are retrieved by an individual's name and personal identifier, contact CNO (DNS-36) at (202) 685-6545/46/30 for assistance or email to

NOTE: This listing was last updated on August 9, 2006 and is subject to change.