Freedom of Information & Privacy Act

FOIA Information
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The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is the law that gives the public the right to request data from the government. Not all data are released. Some data are protected under one or more of FOIA's nine exemptions. The Privacy Act Program is the law that gives protection to individual's rights to privacy and tells the government how it is to be done. These two acts allow the release of data under legal criteria and privacy rights. Military Sealift Command's FOIA and Privacy Act Program are under the Department of Navy FOIA and Privacy Program which are located in the office of the Chief of Naval Operations. The Navy requires each command to have a knowledgeable program director under the title Coordinator. That Coordinator is the point of contact for all FOIA and Privacy Act matters of Military Sealift Command.

Terri Blair is the FOIA and Privacy Act Coordinator for Military Sealift Command. You may direct questions about FOIA and the Privacy Act to her at (757) 443-2359.

If you want information about the command, first check through the MSC web site. If you do not find what you are seeking, follow the instructions to the left to submit a request.

Privacy Act requests cannot be submitted by way of the web or the on-line request. Privacy Act requests must be submitted in writing, signed by the requester, sent to the command address and noted Attn: FOIA.