Dry Cargo and Tankers

Dry Cargo and Tankers
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MSC has one government-owned, Champion-class T-5 tanker, and five long-term chartered commercial tankers, and various short-term time chartered commercial tankers. These ships transport refined petroleum products between commercial refineries and DOD storage and distribution facilities worldwide for Defense Logistics Agency-Energy, which procures and manages fuel for all of DOD.

Ship Types

During wartime or other contingencies, our Navy charters dry cargo ships under contract to MSC to move cargo as needed. These ships carry items that are too large to fit in containers, such as engineering and construction equipment, military vehicles, aircraft and ammunition.

U.S.-flagged commercial tankers, under long-term charter to MSC, transport refined petroleum products for DOD, primarily between commercial refineries and storage and distribution facilities worldwide. Our tankers also perform unique missions such as refueling the National Science Foundation's McMurdo Station in Antarctica and the U.S. Air Force early warning station at Thule Air Base, Greenland.