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March 2018

USS Frank Cable Marks 40th Anniversary of Ship’s Christening
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By Seaman Randall Ramaswamy, USS Frank Cable (AS 40)

The crew of the submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40) celebrated the 40th anniversary of her christening while transiting the Pacific Ocean, Jan. 14.

Frank Cable was christened Jan. 14, 1978, at Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company in Seattle. The Ship’s Sponsor, Rose S. Michaelis, wife of Adm. Frederick H. Michaelis, then Chief of Naval Material, smashed a bottle of champagne across the bow and bestowed the name ‘USS Frank Cable’, after the pioneer of early submarine development.

Cmdr. Tony Pecoraro, executive officer of Frank Cable, led the ceremony and crew in celebration of Frank Cable’s 40 years of naval service. The crew celebrated by proposing a toast to her sponsor, Mrs. Rose S. Michaelis, to Frank Cable, and to the United States Navy.
“For 40 years Frank Cable Sailors have supported both submarine and surface combatants in protecting the nation,” said Pecoraro. “With great pride and outstanding dedication, the men and women of Frank Cable have deployed globally in every theater, ensuring our submarines, and surface ships are ready for the fight. It truly is an honor to be part of this crew and to participate in this special occasion.”

Following the toasts was a cake-cutting ceremony involving a Military Sealift Command civilian mariner who has served aboard Frank Cable the longest and a Sailor who most recently reported to Frank Cable while in Pearl Harbor.

During its 40 years of service, Frank Cable participated in events such as rescue and recovery of Korean Airline Flight 801 crash on Guam, recovery and clean-up efforts following Super Typhoon Paka, and she was the first U.S. Navy ship to visit Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, during the 21st anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations.

“I think our ship’s sponsor, Mrs. Rose Michaelis, would be proud Frank Cable is still ready and able, and still relevant to combatant commanders,” said Capt. Jeff Farah, Frank Cable commanding officer. “Her spirit lives throughout the ship and through the work and deeds we do. From supporting our Forward Deployed Naval Forces to our community outreach programs, as we do today and have done for the last four decades.”

Frank Cable is one of two submarine tenders that are forward deployed to Guam to repair, rearm and re-provisions deployed U.S. Naval Forces in the Indo-Pacific region..

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