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November 2011

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Compass Heading

Military Sealift Fleet Support Command officially turned over the St. Helena pier complex in southern Norfolk, Va., to Naval Facilities Engineering Command Mid-Atlantic at the end of September. As a result, MSC's East Coast fleet ocean tugs and rescue and salvage ships have shifted berthing to Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek, Va.

MSFSC congratulates September's evaluation board selectees - civil service mariners who were found to be qualified for promotion to able seaman, first assistant engineer, cook baker, steward cook, chief steward and deck engineer machinist. The evaluation boards also selected mariners for the ordinary seaman and deck engineer machinist advancement programs.

CIVMAR First Officer Michelle Stark represented MSC as a panelist at the Officer Women's Leadership Symposium, September 23-24, at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial, in Arlington, Va. As part of MSC's Human Capital Development Group initiatives, Stark presented information about MSC's CIVMARs and afloat leadership to the symposium's primarily military audience.

MSFSC wishes fair winds and following seas to Navy Capt. Al Woods, MSFSC's chief of staff for the past four years, who completed a 30-year Navy career Sept. 29. The command bids farewell to Junko Howser, a nearly 30-year career federal government employee, whose projects included volunteer work parties comprising civil service mariners who performed a number of self-help projects. MSFSC also bids farewell to Supply Officer Robert Bartholomew, Yeoman Storekeeper Romulo Dequiroz, Chief Cook Noe Dizon, Able Seaman Eduardo Gerardo, Supply Officer Lillie Humphrey, Chief Cook Jay Lorenzo, Wiper Agustin Maraan, Chief Engineer Joseph Muchulsky, Third Officer Richard Paramore, Engine Utilityman Paul Pega, Assistant Storekeeper Shirley Stroman, and Mechanical Engineer Ching Wu as they enter into retirement.

The command welcomes Navy Capt. Mike Graham, who became MSFSC chief of staff Sept. 30.

MSFSC regrets the passing of 2nd Assistant Engineer Donald Baumgartner.

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