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October 2005

MSC employees attend Lean 6 Sigma training
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MSC employees attended Lean 6 Sigma Training
MSC employees attended Lean 6 Sigma Training on Sept. 27-28. From left to right: James Benac, Art Hughes, Gary Fields, John Cochran, Robert Stewart, Capt. David Sack, USN, John McHugh, Donna Willer, Phyllis Spano, Capt. Tom DePaoli, USNR, Kevin Giffin, Peggy Lawhorn, Terrence Stone, Stephane Jean-Bart, Dennis Long, Glen Schaefer, Harri White, Thomas Marin, Capt. Ed Nanartowich, instructor Stephen Marra, Rear Adm. Hugo Blackwood, USN, and instructor Joe Ray. Bill Cook photo

Military Sealift Command's Afloat Personnel Management Center, based in Camp Pendleton, Va., kicked off training for Lean 6 Sigma, an industry-proven, data-driven management approach to improve business processes, on Sept. 27-28.

Rear Adm. Hugo Blackwood, USNR, MSC's former vice commander and current deputy commander, joined employees from MSC headquarters, Sealift Logistics Command Atlantic and the Afloat Personnel Management Center at the session. The training focused on how Lean 6 Sigma can be used to achieve higher quality products while increasing productivity and lowering costs. The commercially popular methodology will initially be used to improve some of the personnel management processes at the APMC. Additional Lean 6 Sigma training sessions will be offered to other MSC employees as follow-on projects are defined.