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May 2005

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Atlantic Lines

Ship indoctrination tours continued throughout the month of April aboard container/roll-on/roll-off ship SS Sgt. Matej Kocak, hospital ship USNS Comfort and large, medium-speed, roll-on/roll-off ships USNS Charlton and USNS Gordon. Visitors included groups from the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Program of Kennedy High School in Silver Spring, Md.; the Delayed Entry Program from Naval Recruiting District in Philadelphia; the U. S. Army Transportation School in Ft. Eustis, Va.; and the Naval War College in Newport, R.I.

Fair winds and following seas to utilityman Jose Bonet and electronics technician Edmund O'Brien as they retire from their civil service mariner careers. Bonet has 43 years of government service and O'Brien has 30 years.

CIVMARS in the making? Cmdr. Benjamin Feril, MSC, USN, officer-in-charge of USNS Comfort's Medical Treatment Facility, and four members of his department: MMS (SW) David Nikirk, USN, HMC (SW) Paul Manning, USN, MM1 (SW) Robert Lammerding, USN, and MM1 (SW) Mark Bancroft, USN, recently completed 96 hours of training at The Community College of Baltimore County to make them eligible to apply for a 100-ton U.S. Coast Guard skipper's license. The USCG document is required to commercially operate passenger-carrying vessels such as charter boats and water taxis. Hats off to their continuing education efforts!

As a sign of the changing times, Home and Garden TV was aboard combat stores ship USNS Saturn to film a segment of the cable television program House Hunters. A special thanks to Capt. Ed Burns and his crew for supporting the filming endeavor.

Concord, Mass., welcomed a contingent of MSC personnel representing combat stores ship USNS Concord in their annual Patriots' Day parade. Capt. (Sel.) Pat McCabe, SC, USN, Concord's military department officer-in-charge, Capt. George Teufel, USN, Sealift Logistics Command Atlantic's operations officer, HM2 (SW) Rahim Cromer, USN, USNS Comfort's 2004 Junior Sailor of the Year, and IT3 Maira Ann Rosel, USN, SEALOGLANT's 2004 Junior Sailor of the Year, marched in the parade commemorating the first shots fired in the American Revolutionary War.

She did it again - with help from the staff. Ceci Lafoe, the lady who through the years always invigorates the staff to celebrate special events, brought together a team of coworkers to host a potluck Cinco de Mayo luncheon in SEALOGLANT's headquarters building at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Va. Muchas gracias!